22 Nov 2013

Bag obsession - the gym backpack

Bag obsession - the leather gym backpack

It seems like I can’t go a week without developing an obsession for a handbag style and after my foray into the controversial world of bumbags recently, I’m now developing a slight obsession with drawstring gym bags. Yes, it’s yet another time-travel adventure for me, back to the summer camp days when I was forced to pack all of my daily summer camp belongings into a flimsy drawstring bag decorated with all sorts of colourful and ridiculous motifs that were there to remind you what summer camp you’re in. Obviously, once the summer camp days were gone, I never had to look at the drawstring gym bag again, but recently it seems they’ve been slowly making their way back and luckily, this time, the loud and colorful is replaced by sophisticated and practical making the drawstring gym bag feel a little more age appropriate. 

These are some of my favourite picks, ranging from the very high end and ridiculously expensive Alexander Wang x  Samsung bag to the slightly more affordable high street option from Zara.  

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