21 Nov 2013

Basic comfort

I'm still getting my head around things at work  and getting used to a more relaxed style of dressing.It's certainly a lot easier to fit in to an environment full of jeans and t-shirt wearing guys than an environment of aspiring fashionistas and I'm happy that I can dress up or down depending on my mood and know that no one would really notice the difference on most days.
Today I tried out this asymmetric cotton skirt from &Other Stories  and decided to keep it simple with a t-shirt and an oversized cardigan. I have to admit I have silly fashion quirk (one of many!) by which I set myself a silly rule that bottoms always have to be in a dark shade, I have no logical explanation to how this quirk came about but when I saw this skirt in store I spent about 30 minutes trying to rationalise why I can't wear this skirt, the problem was I actually really loved it but couldn't get over my strange quirk of only wearing dark bottoms so I left it in store and when I got back home I couldn't stop thinking about how much I liked it so a few days later I decided to go back and try it on again and eventually decided to get it and try it at home, in a safe environment where I can make better judgement. Luckily it was still looking great when I tried it at home and I decided to keep it. I thought it's a great basic item that can also probably work well dressed up as well and hopefully help me get over this strange fashion related quirk.

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