14 Nov 2013

If you can't beat them, join the queue - my Isabel Marant for H&M experience

I didn't really mention this H&M collaboration here before simply because I wasn't really sure I'm actually going to try and battle the frenzy around it, but last night after a couple of drinks and staying out too late, my friend jokingly suggested we go out early in the morning and queue to check out the collection. Since I just finished a contract job and had the next couple of days off and obviously under the influence of a few drinks, the idea suddenly seemed like a fun adventure. I really like Isabel Marant's mainline and Etoile collections and her laid back and practical attitude towards fashion, but I didn't do my preparation for this collection at all so when we my friend and I arrived at 5:30 to join the queue I was amazed by the amount of preparation other people have done, almost all of them had print-outs of the items they wanted to get and many of them had very detailed information about sizing and measurements, essentially we were the black sheep who had no idea what they really wanted and just stood in the way :) The queuing wasn't so bad, everyone seemed to be friendly and in good spirits which made the wait more pleasant but it was so cold by the time the store opened we could barely feel our toes!
I was also surprised by how civilised the whole process was, we were the first to enter the shop so expected lots of pushing and shoving but everyone seemed really well behaved although I don't think I've every seen people pile on so many items at once into their shopping bags!
I absolutely fell in love with the black dinner jacket, it was so well made and really pretty, however I couldn't find it in my size. My friend picked up the silver foiled skirt and puffy cardigan, those items were a bit over the top for me and I decided to stick with items I knew I would wear without hesitation. I love Isabel Marant's printed t-shirts so getting those was a no brainer, I picked one from the men's collection and one from the ladies collection and also had a quick look around the children's section.
Overall it was an interesting experience although I feel quite embarrassed for embracing the herd mentality and will never forget the puzzled looks from the passers-by when we were standing in the queue. I don't think I'll be doing this again but for now I'm happy with my finds. Also have to say big thank you to the lovely and patient staff at the High Street Kensington shop who I'm sure had a very long and stressful day today!

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