7 Nov 2013

Quiet before the storm

I seriously couldn't imagine how badly the day will end when I got up this morning and snapped this outfit. I was actually less grumpy than usual and decided to play 'getting dressed' rather than throw the first thing I found on myself.
It's been a terrible month for me with sad and shocking news pretty much becoming a regular occurrence over the last few weeks, and it seems like things are not looking better so for now I immerse myself into the world of fashion escapism to make things look a little better, I don't know where this will lead but the more trouble I have the more I become interested in trying new things out, whether it will take some of the pressure off, I don't know. I know I have bigger and greater things to focus on right now but it's just so easy to escape into this world of standing in front of the mirror and playing dress-up in time like these.

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