18 Nov 2013

That's how I look on Monday !

I'm not a morning person, I'm not a Monday person, I can't get my head to think 'fashion' on a Monday morning. 
I blew up my blow-dryer which meant my hair looked even worse than it usually is and to add to all I started a new permanent job this morning after a few months of contract work. To save myself time and stress I decided to wear a simple black dress, it's the perfect item when you're not really sure what would make an appropriate outfit in a new workplace. I was so nervous I just couldn't focus on playing around with outfits or think of something more exciting. The best thing about getting dressed for my new job that I noticed today was that I'm working in an all male office, in my previous job, I was working in an all-female office and constantly felt there was a constant competition between all the ladies of who's going to pull out the craziest and most eye-popping outfit everyday. Honestly, I come to work for work and most days prefer to focus my energies on getting ready for the day ahead so just want to wear something practical and comfortable and luckily with an office full of boys, I think there's less to worry about when it comes to fashion and more time to focus on actually doing great work!

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