19 Nov 2013

The perfect winter shades - Burberry nail polish

I've become a little obsessed with grey and khaki nail polishes and absolutely fell in love with these two shades from Burberry called Khaki (surprise, surprise!) and Storm Grey. I've been looking for the perfect shade of Khaki that didn't make my nails look as if something is seriously wrong with them and this is probably so far the best shade of khaki I tried. The grey was just an extra treat to add to my ever growing collection of grey nail polishes , I just can't get enough of grey at the moment and this shade is absolutely beautiful, it has a bit of a blueish tone to it which I really like. I never bought any Burberry Beauty products before and so far I'm really happy with the polishes. The packaging is really elegant and tempting and the nail polishes are thick and easy to apply thanks to the extra thick brush. I only needed two applications to get the perfect coverage and the nail polish dried pretty quickly and looked shiny and beautiful.
Over all I'm really excited about these nail polishes, they're not cheap (well, at least a few pounds cheaper than a certain luxury brand starting with the letter C) but absolutely gorgeous and elegant. The whole nail range has a great selection of other colours with one groups dedicated to Nudes and one for Reds as well as the Intense range where these two shades are from and there's also an eye catching Metallic Khaki shade which I didn't see in the shop but can't wait to try.

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