26 Nov 2013

When I don't want to choose...

I haven't been able to get a proper night's sleep in the last few days, I can't point the exact reason for my sleepless nights but the lack of sleep is certainly not making things easier for me in the morning. I had plenty of time to consider my outfit for today while trying to force myself into bed last night but after trying to pull myself out of bed and pressing the snooze button 5 times this morning, that well planned outfit just seemed too much of a hassle and so I quickly found myself reaching for the good old cosy and comfortable black dress and cardigan combo and while at it I decided that if I'm already going for the somewhat scruffy look a pair of chunky shoes and a beanie would be the perfect additions. Unsurprisingly, I managed to fit in quite well with the general 'no fuss' boyish dress-code at work.

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