6 Dec 2013

A little bit of sparkle !

So I caved in and bought this lovely jewelled sweatshirt from Zara after all and I absolutely love it! It's actually slightly lighter than it looks in the product shots on the website but I just couldn't say no when I tried it on, it's the perfect companion to the standard and boring black skirt. The jewel embellishments remind me of my childhood, a time when my wardrobe was full of cute little jumpers that my mum used to receive as hand-me downs from my cousins who used to live in the USA at the time, my mum used to sew all sorts of patches and cute embellishments to make them feel brand new and exciting. It's quite funny because I can't even imagine my mum considering adding any jewelled embellishments to any item in her wardrobe now and I'm quite looking forward to seeing her reaction to me wearing this embellished little number. 

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