8 Jan 2014

Darker shades of summer

Darker shades of summer

It’s usually around this time of the year that the new Spring/Summer trends slowly start appearing in shops, magazines and blogs and although I’m usually quite keen on seeing how these trends are translated by the high-street chains, the real thing that is usually on my mind is how do I work my mostly dark wardrobe with the usually light and colourful spring and summer trends. 
I recently joked with my friend that my biggest fashion nightmare will be the disappearance of black and dark colours from the catwalks and shops in the summer. As I mentioned many times before, when it comes to getting dressed, summer is definitely my least favourite time of the year, especially because suddenly everything seems to turn so bright and colourful so last night, I had to reassure myself that not all summer clothes this year will be washed in shades of pastel and wild prints and so I gathered my favourite black and grey designer looks from the Spring/Summer shows in celebration of the darker shades of summer and now the only thing left to wish for is that the UK will actually be blessed with a real summer this year.

Darker shades of summer pt.2

Darker shades of summer - pt.3

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