6 Jan 2014

Coat Check

According to the newspaper's today is the most depressing day of the year but for me the day after the Christmas break is actually one of the happiest days, it's the day in which I feel a great relief in going to back to my daily routine and it's always mixed with a little bit of excitement and anticipation for the new year. 
As I was feeling extra cheerful this morning I decided it will be a good time for a bit of a lighter touch to my outfit with the help of my new coat. It did feel a little strange to wear such a light coat especially as I'm used to so much black in my wardrobe so decided to wear my biker jacket underneath to add a little bit of an edge to this classic coat, I felt I needed the extra detail to help me feel a little more comfortable shifting away from my usual black coat. I feel really happy with this new addition to my wardrobe now despite my initial reservations, it certainly made me want to add a bit more colour and lighter shades into my wardrobe.

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