20 Jan 2014

It's the shoes!!!

Photos: Stella McCartney - Fall 2014 Lookbook

There were plenty of sighs of happiness and joy on my part when I first saw Stella McCartney's Fall 2014 lookbook. It's pretty clear going through my posts archive that I'm quite a fan , so there's no wonder I kept going back to the lookbook looking at every detail and every item, getting excited about prints, the cuts and the gorgeous bags but somehow I managed to miss  these fabulous shoes until I had another look last night. I've become quite obsessed looking for the perfect pointy shoe and these two pairs are exactly the sort of pair I would love to own, but unfortunately Stella McCartney shoes are slightly over my budget so I guess I will keep dreaming of these perfect pointy shoes and maybe start saving so one day I can get a pair like that for myself. 

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