21 Jan 2014

No change

Black and white again, same outfit over and over again, it's been going for far too long, can't even get a decent shot nowadays because my camera is constantly playing up. I'm in a dire need for a change, fresh colours, new cuts but there's nothing that's captivating or exciting enough at the moment for me to want to spend my money on. 
I spent Saturday with my friend who's already piled a ton of spring/summer pieces but I just didn't feel excitement at the pieces I've seen so far and eventually ended up buying this jumper at &Other Stories, it kind of reminded me of an old jumper I once got when I was a teen on my first visit to London , obviously back then it seemed a lot more rebellious and exciting to wear a jumper full of holes, right now it just seemed more of a safe but slightly quirky addition to my wardrobe. I'm honestly feeling like I need a major wardrobe overhaul after wearing pretty much pretty much one outfit in different variations all winter :) 

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