25 Jan 2014

Paint it black

After my last admiration post dedicated to the gorgeous Stella McCartney shoes and my disappointment that I will probably never have a chance of actually owning a pair, I remembered this pair of black pointy block heel shoes from Zara that for some strange and mysterious reason Zara only had in green, although a lovely shade of green, when I first saw them I kept saying to myself how much I would love to own a similar pair in black, the green was just not convincing or worth the investment, but it's funny how things have changed. A couple of days ago I popped to Zara to have a quick look around and noticed they had a few pairs of these green shoes in the sale and thought to myself whether I'll be taking a giant gamble buying them and painting them black. Now I can honestly say, I'm really terrible doing any type of DIY work and usually stay away from anything as it would probably end in a disaster, but after a quick online search I realised there are plenty of simple shoe dying colours which are quite affordable ( 5 pounds in comparison to the 20 pounds the local cobbler asked for). The colour I used was Dylon black leather shoes dye  and the process was quite simple , albeit a little messy because the dye is really watery, almost like ink which means it gets a little messy and splatters everywhere, my biggest worry was having the dye leaving marks on my floor so instead of newspapers I used old plastic water resistant envelopes which seemed to be a safer option. Overall I'm really happy with the result, the dye didn't leave any nasty marks or residue, and a little bit of shoe polish helped getting rid of the matte look after the dye and I now have a great new pair of black pointy shoes.

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