4 Jan 2014

Something unexpected

During my visit at home for Christmas , I had a couple of nice surprise gifts from my mum and one of my friends which I was really happy with. My mum bought me this nice woolly coat and matching scarf from H&M, quite a surprising choice since both my mum and I usually stay away from such light colours so when my mum told me that she got me a new coat I was quite happy, but then she mentioned that I might be a little disappointed with the colour but I wasn't actually, I was quite happy she got me a coat that is not black for a change , I probably passed next to it many times during my visits to H&M and simply ignored it because it's really not a colour I would choose myself but I actually really love it, it's beautiful and elegant and I really love the lighter touch of colour.
My second surprise was this Opening Ceremony letter jumper carrying the first letter of my surname, it was a very late birthday present from my friend who I haven't seen for months and it was an item I really didn't expect but absolutely love. I can't say no to a quirky jumper so I'm pretty much over the moon with this choice of a present!
I think those are probably the most exciting presents I got in a very long time and they both have a bit of a sentimental touch , I think the waves of emotion that carried me through my visit back home are still in full effect even now almost a week after I got back to England.

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