5 Jan 2014

Postcard perfect - A quick stop-over in Zurich

Still intent on revisiting my holiday which was over almost a week ago, I decided to take a look at some of the photos I took while on a stop-over in Zurich. Most people think I'm crazy, having a stop-over when I'm going back home, a flight to Tel Aviv from London would usually take about 5 hours, but I absolutely hate flying so in recent years started booking in-direct flights with a stop-over, that way I can get a break between my flights and also step out of the airport for a few hours and explore a city I might have never been to. My favourite stop-over city has always been Amsterdam but this time around I found a really cheap flight through Zurich and it was a great opportunity to visit a city I last been when I was 6.
Zurich is a great stop-over city as it's just a 10 minute train ride from the airport and the airport authorities actually encourage passengers on a stop-over to venture into the city if time allows. 
I have very fond memories from my first visit to Zurich when I was a kid so I was really excited when I got into the city and had a chance to walk around. Despite the cold weather it was still a great way to take a break between flights, I had a chance to walk around the city centre and munch on some great Swiss chocolate and pastries (which I deeply regret not buying more of to take back to the UK!). I have to admit the city was even prettier than I imagines and the air felt so fresh and clean, the very few people I had a chance to speak with were lovely and it made me think of how much I would love to go back for a proper visit to the city. 

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