30 Nov 2012

Friday morning rush

As usual I dragged myself out of bed late this Friday morning and after failed attempts to convince myself to pick an outfit last night I ended up reaching for whatever caught my eye the minute I got out of bed.
As it's depressingly cold , the only thing I could think of was to drape myself in every possible piece of thermal I could find so by the time I got to the real dressing up part I felt a little bit like a Michelin blimp which meant overloading myself with another layer of clothing would probably end in me suffocating under all the thermals or causing some type of spontaneous human combustion by the end of the day.
I decided to keep it simple and chose my favourite skirt from Zara and a simple grey men's jumper and to add a little bit of bling I piled on some bracelets I had laying around and  ran straight outside only to discover that my tights have a massive rip on my tights, by then it was far too late to run and fix this mess so I'm spending the day walking around like a duck trying to hide the fashion faux pas!
Here's to being a very disorganised lady!

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