1 Dec 2012


H&M leather bracelet and metal cuffs
This morning after countless emails and phone calls from my friend I caved in and joined her for a nightmarish Christmas shopping session.
Ironically , the title of this post pretty much sums up how I felt hitting the shops with my friend earlier today.
When we got to our shopping destination my initial reaction was 'run for your life' , it was packed, people rushing around , shoving and pushing their way through shops that looked like a hurricane struck them. 
I felt bad for my friend who was very organised and came with the longest shopping list I've ever seen. Luckily for me I already finished most of my Christmas shopping so my role was to provide mental support and monitor any nervous breakdowns through the day.
One of the our stops was in H&M, I didn't really plan buying anything but as I was trying to be a good and supportive friend, I noticed those lovely metal cuffs in the accessories section while my friend was running around the shop. 
I love bold metallic jewelry and thought those can come in handy when I want to liven up a simple outfit with a bold accessory. I'm quite happy with this little find , both cuffs were 5.99 and the leather bracelet was 4.99 , not too bad for items that can add a little bit of  metallic shine to a simple outfit.

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