29 Nov 2012

Wardrobe re-haul or my adventures in learning the value of getting dressed

It might seem a bit of a  strange title for a blog post, but it pretty sums up the reason why I started this blog.
The blog is a result of a process I started about a year ago , of rebuilding my wardrobe and rethinking the way I consume fashion.
I always loved fashion and always considered myself to be someone who's not doing bad dressing herself up but sometime last year the shelves in my wardrobe succumbed under a huge weight of unworn items, bought on a whim and without too much thinking.
When I unloaded the shelves I felt a little sick , I realised a huge amount of those items has never been worn, some of them looked sad , some of them were truly bad and cheap and at the moment I decided I'm going to change my approach when it comes to fashion.

I decided the first step would be to collect all of those unworn and never be worn items and re-evaluate them. By the time I was done I had a massive pile of items I was certain I will never wear. At that point I decided to challenge myself and try and wear some of those items in the following days, needles to say I felt miserable, I really did not like them and did not want to wear them so I decided to divide the pile into two piles , one would go to ebay and the other to charity. Putting the items on Ebay was a valuable lesson, everyone on Ebay is looking for a bargain and in most cases it would mean your items will sell for less than their retail price, the minute I realised that was the minute I decided to set myself some rules when it comes to buying clothes and accessories which I'm proudly still sticking with now.

To be honest I don't want to bore with the rules as they would be quite obvious, but I wanted to explain a little about my aim for this blog.
As I wrote in the description for the blog, this is not a personal style blog, the aim was simply to create a visual diary of what I wear and how so I can keep an eye on my outfits and wardrobe and learn to play around with the items I have without having to rush into the shops and buy more.
The other aim was to give me a space to talk a little bit about fashion and my thoughts, not sure how this will turn out but I will certainly give it a try.

And with that I hope I managed to write a little introduction and explain what this blog is all about.
Hope you'll enjoy my adventure!

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