27 Dec 2012

Post-Holiday Recovery

It's back to work time, after an eventful and long weekend of festivities it's time to head back to the office. 
Somehow I'm actually happy and relived to be at work , I love getting back to work after Christmas although waking up in the dark to the sound of rain thumping on my windows wasn't really the kick of motivation I was hoping for. Still I managed to get out of bed early enough to actually try and dress myself properly for work today which made me happy as I was determined that I won't be piling on thermals and jumpers and picked up a shiny boucle skirt and blue contrast collar top. When I bought the contrast collar top my biggest worry was that I will have a hard time fitting it in to my wardrobe , I was never into blue colours but surprisingly I always manage to come up with a reasonable outfit when I wear this top , which is not bad at all considering it's pretty much the first blue items I ever bought. So now it's time for me to move and try and focus on some work, luckily , we're treated with a few extra days off for the New Year so a long weekend is just around the corner!

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