28 Dec 2012

Friday grunge

This morning I decided to play around with the skirt I got as a Secret Santa present from my friend. When I first saw that skirt I instantly thought it would be a great item for a casual and slightly grungy outfit. I thought it would work really well with the plaid shirt I had so many doubts about previously. I have to say that the plaid shirt turned out to be one of the most useful additions to my wardrobe in recent months. Despite my initial reservations about wearing plaid I found myself wearing the shirt on a number of occasions recently, although I still prefer to have only a slight hint of plaid popping out when I wear it, I think today's look is probably my favourite look with the shirt. 
And yes, I know I might have gone a little overboard with the grungy vibe but there's nothing like wearing a casual and comfy outfit to work on a cold and grey Friday morning. 

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