3 Dec 2012


So this is pretty much the time of the year when strange Christmas presents are starting to pour in from friends and relatives that live far away - and this is when I'll be presenting you with exhibit A - the plaid shirt.
Now I don't want to sound like an ungrateful little bitch but sometimes I feel that some people need to skip the torture of buying Christmas presents and just be nice and send a card, this plaid shirt is the perfect example of that.
I would hate to sound mean because the person who gifted it to me probably wanted to surprise me with something nice from one of my favourite shops. I also have nothing against plaid shirts, apart from the fact it's not my thing at all.
So I decided to say a big thanks to the lovely person who thought about me and took time to get me this shirt and try it on , to my surprise it wasn't terribly bad but I'm still a little unsure how or when I'll be wearing this but I'm happy to give it a chance. 
The only idea I had so far was to tuck it into this skirt for a casual look , it actually works quite well but I guess I will have to work hard on convincing myself I can rock a checked red shirt, I mean if the headless girls on the Zara online store website can do it , I don't see a reason why I shouldn't.

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