5 Dec 2012

It's time for the winter blues

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As the days are getting colder I find it harder and harder to dress myself up in the morning, living in a cold and dark flat doesn't make winter mornings a fun experience and as usual getting ready for work is where this shows the most when it comes to dressing up or just taking a photo of an outfit I had in mind.
Today was no different, I had my mind set on wearing the blue top/sweatshirt from COS for days and just had to get it to work right but somehow couldn't.
Some people might think it's not such a big deal, but I've been avoiding blue garments for a long time, until I caved in and got this top a few months ago, mainly because I loved the contrasting collar.
I'm not sure where my issues with blue start, but I can only remember a discussion during  my high school days when the popular girls declared how wearing black and blue is so wrong, being a fan of black and adhering to the fashion 'tips' from the popular girls from high school stuck with me for years so I kept avoiding anything blue until recently when I realised I actually kind of like the black and blue combination, despite the fact it's one giant  fashion faux-pas according to some. 
So there it goes, I got this top when it started getting colder and haven't had many opportunities to wear it so today I decided to give it a test run with the three skirts I thought would work best. My favourite look was the leather looking skirt paired with the top but as I was going to work I thought rocking that skirt might be a bit of an overkill for a casual work outfit so I stuck with the boucle like skirt from Pull and Bear which I have a strange love and hate relationship with, but that's probably a story for another time...

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