10 Jan 2013

A simple dress day - working out business attire

Topshop peter pan collar dress

I work in a very casual and creative environment which means that on most days I can pretty much get away with anything within reason, however, every once in a while I'm expected to attend a business conference or meeting, this usually means everyone will be wearing suits and jackets.
I have in the past attempted to search for the right business outfit but always failed miserably, one of my last attempts almost ended in tears when I tried on a proper suit only to be told by the sales lady that I look like a kid playing dress-up in her mum's business suit. I can laugh at this now but at the time looking for items that will work well for me for all sorts of formal business affairs proved to be quite stressful, to avoid this endless stressful search I decided that I'll stick to what works best for me which meant investing in a couple of smart dresses that don't require too much logistics and thinking when getting dressed in the morning before an important meeting.
This morning I reached for this lovely black peter pan collar dress from Topshop, it's probably one of my favourite dresses for more formal days and it's light, simple and works well for a formal meeting. I do also like the fact it can be dressed down with a biker jacket for a more casual look. I find that keeping it simple when it comes to business meetings always works the best, the key to is making sure you're comfortable in what you wear and remembering that jackets are not always a necessity for business meetings, a clean and simple outfit you're comfortable and confident in can work ten times better in most business settings.

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