11 Jan 2013

Welcoming the weekend with layered comfort

River Island Jacket, Zara shirts, Zara Skirt, Bershka Shoes
After a day of running around in a short sleeved dress yesterday , today is all about warming up and taking it easy before the weekend. 
Temperatures seem to have gone down a little bit over the last few days and yesterday' brave short sleeve outfit only made me want to get back to my routine of extreme layering which I managed to do well without for a few days. 
I think the biker jacket and khaki shirt are slowly becoming regulars in my outfits, looking back over the last couple of weeks they both seem to make an appearance quite often and I'm actually quite happy to build my outfits around them or use them as extra layers to keep me warm. The plaid shirt has also become quite a staple despite my initial doubts about it and this outfit in my opinion works so well with those layers, the studded shoes and a simple black skirt. I'm back to feeling comfy and warm and happily waiting for the weekend to start now. 

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