18 Jan 2013

Amazing winter to spring basics on sale now at COS

Amazing winter to summer basics on sale now at COS

A snowy January evening is probably the best time to scan through the last of the sales and find some great finds that can be carried on from Winter to Spring. Today I was browsing through the COS website to check out the preview of their new season collection and realised they still have a massive sale going. I already mentioned in the past how much I love the elegant pieces from COS but I didn't really check out the sale until today which made me realise they actually have some lovely pieces that can definitely serve as wonderful  transitional pieces and at 50% what can be better than some elegant and bright items to help banish just a little bit of the winter blues?
Here are some of my favourite pieces, I just hope they will still be there on pay day !

And if you'd like to have a sneek peek of what COS are preparing for the new season, check out this gorgeous video showcasing key pieces from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

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