18 Jan 2013

How to not dress for the snow

Topshop biker jacket, Muji shirt, skirt - unknown
Today's outfit might serve a painful reminder for myself that from time to time it's good to check the weather. 
When I woke up this morning, trying to get ready in the dark for a long day outside of the office, I forgot to take a quick look outside to see what's going on. I spent the last two days wrapped in warm jumper dresses and today I really felt like I wanted to try and workout a slightly more exciting outfit. It was one of those mornings in which I moaned to myself that I have nothing to wear and decided to pick up some items I haven't worn in a while. I've been planning to get theis shirt I found last month into an outfit for a while and decided to team it with a burgundy pencil skirt which I rarely have a chance to wear. To battle the cold I layered a thermal under the shirt and added the Topshop biker jacket under my coat. I was quite happy with this combo but then I stepped outside and realised that this is actually a perfect day for a warm jumper dress, a scarve and Wellies! It's been snowing for hours now and no sign of it ending so my only hope is for someone to send an email and say 'Office is Closed' so I can try to find my way back home in this silly weather, back to my warm jumper dresses and heating :) 

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