27 Jan 2013

Feeding the obsession - Zara lunch bag clutch

Zara lunch bag clutch
Zara lunch bag clutch
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I developed a slight obsession for lunch bag style clutches and although I'm not a clutch person myself I sort of started thinking I wouldn't mind one although I really couldn't justify the cost of the ones I liked,which lead me as always back to Zara, the place that seems to cater to every silly fashion obsession I have. I was actually looking for a birthday present for a friend, checking out the Zara website when I stumbled across this bag which was perfect to satisfy my obsession for a lunch bag clutch.  I thought to myself this can serve as a nice little treat and I also got one for my friend who absolutely loved it and can't stop talking about how cool it is. I think for the price it's actually serves as a nice accessory and the best thing is that it actually has a detachable strap so can be carried on the shoulder which is perfect for someone like me who loses her patience with clutches very quickly. So although it's not the designer clutch I was dreaming about, I'm still quite happy with it as it's quite affordable but still looks cool.

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