26 Jan 2013

Full force in monchrome

zara contrast jumper , topshop skirt
Zara contrast jumper, Topshop skirt
I couldn't ask for things to get better than they are this Saturday afternoon. I woke up this morning feeling so much better than I did in the last few days, it seems I'm finally starting to shake that flu off and looks like my wishes for the snow to melt and the sun to come out have finally been granted as the sun came out for a short time this morning. 
Feeling slightly more energetic today, I decided it would be good to step outside for some fresh air and to make myself feel even better I decided I'll try out the contrast jumper I got from Zara. Earlier this month I mentioned I was unsure of how I feel about the black and white trend, sure, black and white is simple and easy but I still can't really see myself embracing this trend in full scale and I think this is what makes me love this jumper so much. It's simple, affordable and great as an on trend piece without overdoing it which means it would probably stay a favourite of mine long after the black and white trend is replaced by another trend. 

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