25 Jan 2013

I've had better days ...

zara black and white jumper , zara military shirt
Zara jumper and military shirt
The last few days have been just a bit too much for me, starting with ice and snow on the weekend and continuing with a terrible flu which I just can't shake off. The idea of walking into Zara on my way back home from the GP's office yesterday was an absolutely stupid idea but not surprisingly I was just drown in like a fool.
I actually planned to go there to check what happened to an order I made on-line (a very long story!) but since I spent the last few days in my pyjamas,I was really tempted to treat myself to something new and bright, something that feels like Spring and would help to shake a bit of the winter blues. Since I haven't been to Zara for a while I was hoping that new season items will be everywhere. I discovered I was wrong as it looked like the sale was still in full force and only a tiny section was dedicated to new season pieces, disappointed but still not ready to admit to my defeat I picked up these two very basic items that are probably a sharp contrast to anything that can be considered 'springy', a black jumper and a grey shirt that perfectly represent my mood right now as I'm sitting at home wrapped in layers just wishing for this flu to be over already and for the sun to come out and melt the ice and snow. I already have some ideas in mind for both so I'm really looking forward to getting better and having the opportunity to play around with both. 

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