23 Jan 2013

The blues and the greys - an experiment

fillipa k printed skirt, monki jumer
Jumper Monki , Skirt Fillipa K, Shoes Bershka
It was Monday's Whistles inspiration post that drove me to pull out some greys and blues from my wardrobe and try to mix them together. I don't really have anywhere to go at the moment as I'm sitting at home trying to battle a flu so I'm left with plenty of time for playing around. I had those two items in my wardrobe that I've been desperate to try out , the jumper from Monki was a recent purchase which was mean to be returned but I think I'm actually growing to like it although I'm still unsure if I'm a little colour blind or whether this is jumper is actually grey with a beige tone or whether I'm completely wrong and it's actually beige? Grey or not I kind of like it and thought it can work well with this printed Fillipa K skirt which I got months ago and never actually wore because of my usual doubts about anything that's blue. I'm actually quite happy about the pairing of those two items and wouldn't mind wearing these two with my studded shoes from Bershka for a bit of a rock n' roll sort of vibe. I only wish I wasn't stuck at home and it wasn't so cold outside as I would love to put this outfit on right now and go out for a walk.

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