21 Jan 2013

Snow ? What snow ?

Yes, I still haven't completely succumbed to the cold weather, well, I did fall for jumper dresses and leggings very briefly during the weekend and despite my annoying cold I still felt adventurous this morning, probably a ridiculous move I'll regret when I walk back home in the freezing cold, but at least I felt happier wearing this outfit. This is the sort of outfit that makes me feel good and I really needed to start the week feeling positive. So once I layered a dress a shirt and a biker jacket and a scarf, there was one thing I just couldn't get away from wearing, yes, it was the wellies, there was no way I could do my walk to work without them but at least I knew that once I get to the office I can put them under my desk until I leave. I think I might have found some balance after all without having to pile on thermals and sweaters to keep warm, but as usual I might be completely wrong!

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