30 Jan 2013

Weekday finally launch an online store!

weekday launch online store

Yes, it's here finally ! After months and months of checking out the Weekday Facebook page to see fans across the world beg and plead for the brand to open an online store, UK fans of the ultra cool retailer can finally rejoice as the new Weekday.com  online store has launched allowing all of us to enjoy the amazing range they carry.
I know I've spent a lot of hours on the phone to my friends in Germany and Denmark begging them to help me get my favourite items from Weekeday and finally I can hear the sighs of my friend's relief as I'm finally able to do the shopping on my own from the new store! I've been planning to write a long post of how frustrated I was when I used to browse the Weekday website and couldn't buy my favourite items! I guess my prayers have finally been answered and despite the slightly limited stock at the moment (I know,I know it's just launched!) I'm quite excited to finally be able to get my hands on some Weekday items without having to beg :) 

Here are some of my fave items in store at the moment, really looking forward to see more stock added in the coming weeks!

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