1 Feb 2013

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Zara jacquard pattern mini skirt

A printed skirt and a solid jumper , probably my favourite outfit to wear when I'm in a rush or can't really decide on what to wear. When I wear a skirt like that I prefer to keep it simple. This skirt is a recent purchase from Zara's new collection, I really didn't think I would like it as I thought the print was a little too much and my friend kept laughing at me and asking if I'm planning a magic carpet ride!  but after trying it on with just a black jumper I actually thought it's amazing, it's really not the sort of print I would usually go for but I definitely fell in love with it after trying it on. I'm thinking that a skirt like that doesn't really need any additions , no jewelry or accessories, just a solid top which makes this a perfect outfit for days I just don't feel like fussing around too much. 

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