4 Feb 2013

A practical bag?

Some days are just not good outfit days no matter what , Mondays come to mind when I think of days like these so instead of the outfit I prefer to focus on the accessory. This bag is a great example of a compact and practical bag that's also quite roomy. 
On most days I carry a giant tote around as it's easy for me to just stuff it with whatever I need without thinking too much but today I've spent most of my morning outside and wanted to carry a small and light bag with only the really essential things I needed. 
I found this bag in the Zara sale, I bought it because I thought of using it as a camera bag, but since I don't often carry my camera with me I debated whether I should keep it. This morning I made my mind when I realised it's actually quite perfect for days I spend outside, running from meetings to trains and whatnot, it's quite light and roomy so I can fit my notebooks and my tablet easily and I love  the fact it looks classic but a little edgy with the metal details on the straps and clasp. 

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