3 Feb 2013

Fashion reads - Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2013 Edition

I admit I'm a huge fan of fashion magazines and there's nothing that cheers me up more on a gloomy day than a nice flip through a well edited magazine. I'm especially a sucker for the collections and runway editions that are usually released a couple of times a year and usually cost more than the regular issues , despite that I still love buying them as they serve as my inspiration books each season and whenever I feel like I need some new ideas I love going back to have a look at the spreads and get some inspiration for my outfits.
Today I picked up the Elle Collections Spring/Summer edition and I absolutely love it. I went to pick it up this morning, it was grey and cold as usual but when I got back home I couldn't stop flipping through the beautifully edited pages and colourful spreads, the editing and styling are beautiful and really helped to get me out of the gloomy end of the weekend mood.
The collections and runways editions can be a great source for key looks and trends this season and I love the fact they usually have less advertising and more focus on actual runway looks, designer profiles and trends than the regular monthly editions.This makes the collections and runway editions a great solution for catching up on all the up and coming trends and looks especially because it's nearly impossible to stay up to date nowadays with so many fashion websites, blogs and online retailers updating their sites every few seconds.
As for me, I can honestly say that nothing feels more exciting and inspiring than flipping through the pages of a beautifully and carefully designed and edited magazine, I love and will probably always love print fashion magazines.

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