6 Feb 2013

Anne Sofie Madsen Spring/Summer 2013

Anne Sofie Madsen

Just when I thought I can't handle looking at another spring/summer lookbook in this cold weather , I stumbled across this gorgeous lookbook from Anne Sofie Madsen and this one is definitely my favourite out of all of the lookbooks I posted recently. It has a little bit of everything I like, gorgeous prints, lovely structured items and a bit of a futuristic vibe which makes the sci-fi geek in me sigh with amazement.  I could see myself doing a bit of time travel to the future wearing those gorgeous items, or maybe just time traveling to the summer and wishing that maybe one day I'll have the budget to afford a bit of time travel and Anne Sofie Madsen's gorgeous designs. But for now it looks like my time travel aspirations might need to wait and  and until then I'll go back to my chunky jumpers and continue wishing for the winter to end whilst enjoying this beautiful collection.

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