5 Feb 2013

Sports day

Sports day !!! This was the first thought that came to mind when I opened the parcel from Envii and had a look at its contents, it was definitely not sports a sports day for me but with all the running around I've been doing in the last few days I feel like a sporty outfit was in place.
I have to admit inspiration hasn't been a friend over the last couple of weeks when it comes to outfits, a combination of over working and general stressful happenings in my life are leaving completely exhausted at the moment so when it comes to getting dressed I only want what's comfortable and easy to wear and I think today was the perfect day for this dress to arrive as it was just what I was hoping for.
I mentioned last week that I was checking out the Envii website and found so many great looking basics so I decided to test the water and ordered this dress. The order processing times were a little slow if you're used to UK retailers but since it shipped from Denmark I think it was worth the wait! I'm really happy with it. After ordering I was a bit worried that the dress might be too sheer or to thin but I can honestly say the quality and fit are great so I think I'll be checking out Envii more often when I need to stock up on new basics! Overall I'm quite excited to wear this dress, it's so simple it really doesn't need any additions, just a nice pair of shoes and a couple of chunky metal bracelets and

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