22 Feb 2013

Are you going anywhere?

Probably due to my no so good memory, I managed to mix up some dates and realised that I've been invited to a friend's birthday dinner later tonight. 
Luckily I'm working from home today which makes it easier to dive into my wardrobe and pick something despite the fact that I would prefer to stay at home in this freezing cold.
Last week I bought this peplum top from H&M , I'm not a fan of peplum at all but I thought this top can come in handy in times like this when I need a quick going out fix that doesn't require too much thinking. I actually really like this top mostly because it has a kind of relaxed fit rather than a structured one which is quite common with peplum tops but the thing I like the most about it are the leather look sleeves which make this black top a little more interesting. I decided to stick with the usual printed skirt, using this pattern skirt from Zara and paired my comfy pointy pair of flats and my small black bag from Zara which is becoming quite a regular in my outfits. 
I can't say I'm madly excited about this outfit, nor am I overly excited about going out tonight but I'm satisfied because this outfit was definitely easy to pull together and I know that even though it will be freezing cold I'd still feel comfortable in this outfit when I go out.

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