21 Feb 2013

Nili Lotan Spring/Summer 2013

Untitled #37

It's probably obvious that I love checking out Spring/Summer lookbooks, especially on cold days when it feels like the winter is never going to end , sometimes browsing through them just makes the wait for warmer weather a little more comforting but it's not very often that a lookbook makes me feel sentimental as this one by Nili Lotan
On a very cold February afternoon these looks are taking me back to warm summer days back home when there wasn't much choice when it came to getting dressed, a light and basic pair of sandals, a light cotton shirt and a pair of cotton trousers were the only pieces of clothing that can get you through a day of running around when it's over 30 degrees outside and I guess this is why I love those summer looks so much. These looks seem to take me back to the simplicity and the complexity of living back home, but they also remind me how I learned to dress for the summer the hard way with arguments with my mum about wearing sandals (I used to hate them only wore combat boots in my teens no matter what the weather was) or that ridiculous summer when all my friends and jumped on the corduroy bell bottoms trend when it was 30 degrees outside, so many fashion disasters and funny moments back then that make me long for easy and basic summer pieces.
Now if only I could get a little bit of sunshine and warm weather I'll probably jump straight into one of those outfits from Nili Lotan just because they take me back to those hot summer days back home.

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