19 Feb 2013

black and blue - round two

I think my slight interest in the combination of black and blue is slowly growing into a slight obsession. I decided to mix a couple of items my friend brought over the weekend to help me with my job interview outfit. The blue jumper was actually not planned to be part of any outfit as my friend was wearing it but the colour caught my eye and I couldn't stop thinking about it so eventually I asked my friend if we can do a trade , she picked up another item from my wardrobe and for the time being I'm the owner (or borrower) of this electric blue jumper which I absolutely adore. 
I couldn't wait to wear it this morning, it was actually meant to be part of my job interview outfit but we felt it might be a little too 'relaxed' for a job interview so I finally had a chance to wear it today with a simple black skirt and this fuzzy bomber style jacket which I didn't really get a chance to wear this year. To spice it up a little I decided to skip my usual chunky shoes and wear a pointy pair of patent leather flats and a matching clutch. I was actually really happy with this outfit as it felt refreshing to play around with different items I usually don't wear or use very often and obviously I was quite excited to wear this jumper my friend lent me and I expect it to be a prominent guest in my outfits until my friend decides she wants it back !


  1. Love this combo. Have you done the job interview yet? Want to wish you the best of luck with it, honey!!

  2. Thank you very much ! I had the interview yesterday but really not sure how it went, hopefully it will be OK, it was quite nerve wracking but I'm trying to be positive.