20 Feb 2013

I'll have the usual

I can't get away from talking about the weather in my posts, it feels like my posts cannot exist without a bit of a moan about the weather so here it goes. 
I was fooled to think that the nice and sunny weather of the last few days might mean that we're finally starting to see the winter slowly coming to an end, obviously I've been overly optimistic in my assumptions as I woke up this morning to be greeted by dark and grey skies and a temperature of zero degrees. 
It was obvious that it's time to start piling the layers back on which made me want to settle for something basic and warm. I decided to go for the faux leather skirt which I really love wearing on cold days, I suppose the synthetic material is doing a good job at keeping me warm . From there it was just a case of finding whatever would keep me warm and comfortable and with a wardrobe full of grey jumpers there wasn't much choice anyway but I was happy nonetheless knowing that I've packed myself well enough to keep warm and with the addition of my favourite pair of shoes and a small bag I set off for another day at work. 
Despite my moans, I'm quite thankful for cold and gloomy days like today, sometimes it feels a lot easier to be satisfied with a simple and basic outfit knowing the only thing you really want is to be warm and comfortable without too much hassle.

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