18 Feb 2013

Brighter days

Images: Uniqlo.com

I've spent most of the day running around for my job interviews and meeting and I feel like dropping into bed and falling into deep sleep, but I really couldn't ignore this new LifeWear campaign from Uniqlo  because it's so bright and cheerful. 
I absolutely adore these looks, so basic but full of life, absolutely perfect for the spring!
I'm always amazed by the Uniqlo's campaigns, it always seems like there's no end to the cool and  fun looks they create with some really simple and basic items and the photography and styling are absolutely brilliant in my opinion.
I'd love to recreate some of those looks if I only had the guts, my favourite look is probably the stripey top and blue shorts combination, nothing groundbreaking but still looks really fun and I'm also loving how great the culottes look, I would have never thought that culottes can look so cool but this certainly makes me look at culottes in a completely different light (and no I won't be trying this look!)
This campaign definitely serves as a great reminder that simple and basic doesn't necessarily mean boring and really makes me want to raid my wardrobe and find some bright and summery basics to play around with.


  1. The yellow pants look is my fave. Why shouldn't you wear that look you mention, with the shorts and stripey top? It is a very sober, demure and chic look, if you substitute the sneakers for a pair of ballet flats.

  2. Good question! I probably didn't really think it through, I don't usually wear shorts which is probably the reason why I thought shorts might be a little too much but I think this look can be easily replicated with a nice skirt in the same colour and a pair of nice ballet flats like you suggested :)