17 Feb 2013

My sweet little valentine

This isn't a valentines day post, it's been here and it's gone , that's pretty much what valentines day is for me . However, some things that never seems to go away are the endless valentines related marketing ploys and yours truly is here to admit her defeat and fall , like a deer caught in the headlights I've fallen for one of those tricks.
It all started when my friend who suggested we should pop into town for coffee, she had some stuff she needed and I needed a break. What she didn't tell me is that she needed to buy some over priced moisturiser which meant we ended in one of the department stores in town. While waiting for my friend I was hounded by the sales assistant probably because I strategically placed myself next to the Chanel perfume counter. within seconds I found myself being quizzed about how I spent valentines day (at home in my pyjamas, thank you) and whether I got anything nice (no, but you get where this is going ...). The minute she heard about my valentines misfortune, she started to recite a list of special offers and promotions whilst gently clutching my hand. Within seconds I fell for the oldest trick in the book , the one that was created in the name of love to empty your pockets. Since love isn't really my business at the moment, the only love I felt was for that bottle of Chanel perfume I was holding. After hearing the wonders of the latest post-valentines promotion I felt a little suffocated, the sales assistant had everything planned, she carefully checked my loyalty card points and cheerfully proclaimed that the amount of points I have along with the store's discount means I can get almost 50 percent off on my favourite perfume. What can I say? I was sold ,and to make things worse I decided to add a few extra pounds and treat myself to some nail polish, all in the name of love! Writing this I feel like an idiot, I mean, a good discount is a good discount and maybe if it wasn't for valentines day I would have had the chance to buy my favourite perfume, but then I ask myself did I really need that? Was there a way for me to avoid it? I really don't know but next year, around this time I'll remind myself to stay away from perfume counters and overly sympathetic sales assistants who are just waiting to suck me into the valentines marketing ploy.

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