2 Feb 2013

Comfort zone

I've been trying to take an advantage of the early morning sunshine earlier today , it's still cold but the sun was out this morning when I woke up and I decided that I don't want to waste time at home when it's so sunny outside and I think it pretty much influenced what I wore. I really wanted something light and comfortable, no jumpers layered with thermals and scarves or anything too heavy. I also really wanted to wear my Isabel Marant Etoile t-shirt again and try to work it into the outfit despite the cold, I thought I'd brave it and wear it just like that as I had to wear a coat anyway, but decided to layer it with a shirt as I felt it might be too cold. I know here's nothing really exciting about this, I just like how the three items work together. I'm thinking this would be a great outfit for spring and can't wait for the weather to warm up a little, I guess there's still time for that but in the meantime I'm happy with the result as it is because it's comfortable and fun and doesn't make me feel too frumpy with too many layers of jumpers and whatnot. 

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