13 Feb 2013

On shoes and changing tastes

Thoughts on shoes and changing tastes

If someone told me three years ago I would develop a mad crush on pointy shoes one day, I would probably laugh and cringe at the thought. For me pointy shoes for a long time symbolised a fragment of the 90's I wanted to forget about but I noticed recently how my heart is warming up more and more towards pointy shoes. I don't really know if it's age but I can certainly tell my shoe preferences changed considerably over the last two or three years and pointy shoes certainly have found a place in my heart, especially over the last year. I think this is also why I'm not entirely surprised I developed a slight obsession recently with flat d'Orsay shoes. I've been looking for a decent pair of shoes for the summer when I found those gorgeous Phillip Lim and Jenni Kayne shoes, they're way off my budget obviously but I really love the way they look, simple, light but still elegant and can probably work great in either a casual or elegant outfit. I love the fact they can be placed somewhere between a shoe and a sandal and  wish I could find a pair that would be within my budget to help ease my summer shoes vows. 


  1. I'm a suker for pointy shoes, I have to confess!!

  2. I absolutely love pointy shoes, I refused for so many years to wear pointy shoe until I realised how elegant and nice they can look. I probably should have known better :)