16 Feb 2013

Looking for inspiration - the job interview edition

The job interview outfit inspiration

'We have a job interview request for you' , that's what the overly excited lady on the line said to me when she rang me last Tuesday. When I heard that I lost my concentration for a moment as she was cheerfully reciting the details for the interview. I immediately felt the slight feeling of excitement followed by slight panic. 
The truth is I was really hoping this call would come, my new year's resolution was to find a better job so I can move away from where I live at the moment but things were going slow and I didn't really hear back from any of the places I sent my CV to since January. 
I had to get into interview preparation mode, which also meant trawling through my wardrobe to find my 'interview' outfit. Needless to say it was an uninspiring find and as I mentioned before 'corporate' is not really my favourite look which meant the last time I bought something that can be considered 'job interview worthy' was over three years ago! I had to figure out what I can do with what I have. Naturally instead of digging deeper in my wardrobe I chose to seek some inspiration on the COS and Whistles websites, which would have been my ideal work wardrobe choices, with simple styles and great classic cuts and some gorgeous prints. Unfortunately at the moment those will only stay my 'inspiration' outfits but luckily a good friend who's also a 'corporate' type has offered to lend a hand and pop-over tomorrow to help me go through what I have and hopefully come up with some nice outfit ideas. To be honest, I'm actually quite excited and I'll definitely be keeping those looks from Whistles and Cos as inspiration. Who knows maybe if I do get a job one day I'll be able to afford one of those? 

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  1. Oh I love these choices, great inspiration, not only for job interviews but also for daily wear, if one wants to look polished. Lovely clothes!