15 Feb 2013

Zara February Lookbook

Photo: Zara.com
My head seems to be bursting with fashion overload at the moment, on one end there is me feeling absolutely uninspired and unmotivated when it comes to getting dressed, then it's fashion week season time which is only raising the level of confusion , one minute I'm gasping at new new Spring/Summer items praying for the winter to end and a minute later browsing through Fall/Winter runway shows. And then, somewhere in the middle another lookbook from Zara is out ,showcasing beautiful new looks which would probably be far too adventurous for my kind.There's no mistake that Zara is on the spot every season and this latest lookbook and especially this ensemble above are simply adding more sighs and gasps to the massive fashion noise in my head. These words obviously come strictly out of love because this would be my ideal spring time outfit, if only it didn't feel like spring is light-years away. So for now I'll go back to and crawl under my duvet, drink a warm cup of team and keep day dreaming about white sweatshirts and brightly printed skirts. 

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