10 Mar 2013

A different perspective

It's probably been about 6 months since I started this blog, when I started it I had very different ideas on what I want to focus on and how I want things to look, but has time went by I started looking at things differently , it was partially to do with the blog, partially to do with the awful winter and partially because I felt I was lacking inspiration.
This morning was the perfect time to try and do things differently, I was thinking for a while about changing the way I take photos, I made a couple attempts in the past switching from one style to the other. I'm not a good photographer , I do enjoy taking photos but can't say I'm any good. However I did want my outfit posts to look a little more lively and this morning as I was getting ready to go and meet a friend for coffee (in the snow, in the middle of March!) , I decided to take out the tripod that was left in my apartment when I moved in and try and capture a different view of my outfit to see if I can master slightly more organised outfit photos. I suppose it worked, I'm not too happy with the end result but I'm going to post it any way just as note to myself which I'll hopefully look at in a few months to see how things have changed.
I'm still not sure which direction this will take me but I enjoyed experimenting with something a little different and might try to play around more often with how I take my photos. I guess I needed a bit of a change, so please bear with me whilst I try to figure out what's the next step for me.

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