9 Mar 2013

The splurge

If it wasn't for this bag I wouldn't have thought of leaving my apartment this morning in this horrible weather, it's been so cold and miserable I lost any will to go out or do anything and just wanted to stay at home but I knew there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office carrying my Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 zip handbag. 
I've been waiting for the opportunity to get this bag , it's by no means a new bag but I've been saving a little bit every month since last summer and waited for the right opportunity to buy it because I loved it so much when I saw it in a shop last year.
It's not the most expensive bag ever but I would rarely even consider or find myself in a position to buy a bag that retailes at over 100 pounds because I'm doing just fine with my standard Zara bags, but ever since I saw this bag I knew I wanted to get it and after a few months of saving I finally found it last month on a flash sales site , I've never been to a flash sales website in my life but it was actually a pleasant experience and the best thing was that it cost a lot less than what I expected it to cost which made me even happier. 
I did have some doubts about the size and whether I'd be able to fit stuff in , I usually love carrying a tote with pretty much all of what I have at home which usually makes it impossible to find anything so buying a bag that is relatively small was a concern , but I promised myself that I will try to keep things more organised and thought a smaller bag would mean I will be more careful with what I carry which makes this bag just the perfect size for me to learn how to carry a bag without carrying everything I have at home. So far I managed to shove my giant wallet into it , my phone and even my camera and a small folded shopper without making the bag look like it's going to fall apart under the weight so I'm quite happy with this purchase and it looks like it's definitely going to be my last bag purchase in a long time as I feel I finally have a balanced bag collection that doesn't need anymore additions. 

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