11 Mar 2013

Libertine Libertine - spring / summer 2013

Untitled #41

Fashion at the moment consists of only four colours, at least in my head. I'm feeling like I just want to surround myself in simple black, grey , blue and white pieces and I suppose that is why I find this collection by Libertine-Libertine so charming , it hits all the right spots with shades of white, blue and grey and simple silhouettes that can be dressed up or down and still look comfortable and long lasting. I suppose I'm starting to see a bit of a pattern here when it comes to what I want to wear , especially after spending most of the winter trying to work some colour into my wardrobe , I feel like I'm slowly realising that I prefer to stick to a familiar scale of solid colours and items that I know I'd be able to wear for a long time, I mean, experimenting is always fun but when it comes to dressing up more practically , especially in the summer (errr British summer that is ...) I think I prefer to keep it simple and stick to what I know works best for me and this collection by Libertine-Libertine is definitely one that fits into my idea of dressing up in the summer.

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